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think-capPlease be advised, that a little knowledge in the wrong hands can be a dangerous thing. Because of this, all tutorials have been prepared to be as accurate as possible and are provided by Z-axis Design as is without implication of a warranty of any kind for a particular purpose. Failure to understand what you have learned in these video tutorials can result in data loss. Always exercise proper back-up procedures of any critical data prior to modification to safeguard it from loss.

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FireFox or IE ?

Internet Explorer, FireFox, Safari, Google Chrome, Opera, what the heck?@!#! Welcome to the trenches of the browser war. As the competition for your business on the Internet continues to heat up, developers vie for your attention in selecting their browser. Is one browser better than the other? Watch an unbiased video review of how to choose your primary browser and survive the bombardment.

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FireFox & FireBug

If you're creating a new website and productivity is important to you, don't miss this informative video series of the many features the FireBug plug-in brings to FireFox. Locate the exact CSS style sheet, and the code's location. Then play what "if" by tweaking text point sizes, line spacing, padding, margins, borders, page layout and much more in real time inside FireFox.transpacer_15 Series I transpacer_15Series II transpacer_15Series III

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Web Developer Plug-in for FireFox

You don't have to be a genius programmer to benefit from this powerful plug-in for FireFox. This exciting video will show you the powerful feature set under the hood of the Web Developer plug-in and how easy it is to use. There are too many features to list here, but just imagine being able to look up any detail or attribute associated with your web page with a single mouse click, unbelievable!